Why Do Women Get Paid Less?


Leftist activists and economists like to blow dust about a lot of social issues by attributing them to the free market. Among them is of course the discrimination of women in pay. Their outcry against businesses calls for government control of these social occurrences in order to eliminate the pay gap and provide gender equality. The reason why leftists have miserably failed in their task so far is because they don’t understand correctly the causes of these effects, and even worse, because they go on to blame the wrong things all while calling for an Orwellian set of laws that are simply terrible.

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Private Defense Forces vs. State Monopoly Army


The Issue

Today as I was returning from university, I was thinking of Austro-libertarianism (as usual) and bumped into an unpleasant deadlock. I thought of the unfair advantage that monopolies (of course State monopolies) have over private activities. When I applied this case to private defense, the outcome was scary.

Take a hypothetical example: Albanians have somehow become more intelligent than the rest of the world and have successfully instituted a fully anarcho-capitalist society. There, the idea of the State is in the past, and whether it is the grocery store or the defense services, they are all privately serviced. On the other hand, the neighboring Serbia has remained a statist, social-democratic state. In addition, its political class has nourished further the hawkish mentality against Albanians, looking to return Kosovo under its claws at any given opportunity.

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The Misuse of Positivism and Mathematical Models in Social Sciences




Probably the biggest mainstream “argument” against the Austrian School economists concerns the methodology that they use. Neoclassical economists disregard Austrian School as unscientific because it doesn’t adhere to the principles of positivism and mathematical models. The critics claim that these tools are essential to arrive at valid conclusions.

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Unions and How They Affect HR Management (University paper)





My aim in this paper is to analyze the role that unions and their government-backed coercion play on an HR manager. Do they make the job easier or harder? In order to answer this question we must first form our opinions about these issues in the prism of cause and effect.

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